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About Us



Our company, Material Handling Equipment Asia Co., Ltd , was established in 2015.We proudly provide project solution for material handling equipment industry and factory & warehouse equipment industry with a comprehensive range of equipment, spare parts and excellent after-sales services. Our ultimate objectives are to become the best in customer service, to foster the value-based partnership of long-term business relationship and to grow together with our partners and our employees.

MHE Asia is committed in adhering its corporate mission to deliver world class quality products and excellent services to its most valuable clients, aiming to build the most desirable working environment for its most appreciated employees, and going all out, with the most dedicated heart, to make profitable for the all the stakeholders. We strive for the perfection in providing the products and services consistently, and that has become and will be the quintessence of who we are and what we will be in the future.

Our company is devoted beyond measure to become the paragon of customer service excellence in this fast-changing booming economy of new era in Myanmar.


Message From The Management Board

MHE Asia is delighted to be a part of this exciting moment in the history of Myanmar with significant changes and growth in the economy. To become the leader of the market in this highly competitive era, we are marching relentlessly towards continued improvement in our organization to present the best solution for our esteemed clients.

Years of expertise in material handling equipment, storage & modern library equipment, and consultancy services have equipped us to provide proficiency, accuracy and competency for all our highly valued clients in the industry. Being established for quite some years, our company decides to give back to the industry by providing free consultancy service regarding warehousing storage management for the people who really need the professional idea from an organization of trustworthiness.

“The flow and growth of creativity and innovation are the driving force behind the success of any business.” Since the start of our establishment, we are striving everyday to provide one-stop service solution for our clients; our idea of one-stop service solution for our clients from being able to receive the consultation needed, purchase the heavy machines required for your projects, enjoy all the after-sales services provided, and readily grasp the spare parts for the machines has made us distinguished and well acclaimed in the industry.

We are deeply honored to serve our clients with our utmost dedication and we wholeheartedly thank you for your kind interest in our company, MHE Asia.

Vision Statement

We are at the top of the list when one thinks of the best value-based solution provider in material handling, storage and warehouse equipment

Practice full-fledged utilization of total quality management for accountability in our every business transactions

Always strive for the perfection in customer service excellence

Build the most desirable and safest working environment for employees

Profitable and sustainable business for all the stakeholders involved

Adopt the technology that are eco-friendly and execute the processes that do not harm the nature

Create a learning-orientated work place for all employees to develop personal and professional competency

Business Core Value

  • We are a value-based organization that extends our beliefs and values above and beyond our company
  • We believe that the most important asset of the company is its human resource. So we go beyond the limit to make the working environment a challenging and learning-orientated place where everyone could enlighten himself or herself with limitless knowledge of the industry.
  • We highly value individual excellence in character, competency, and responsibility
  • We believe in good old honest hard work. Everyone plays significant role in our company, and hence the high self-esteem is prominent within our company.
  • Integrity is the foundation and we build our future upon it.
  • We trust in teamwork; the synergy of teamwork can prevail anything.
  • Regardless of the management hierarchy, we respect each other and we stay humble.
  • Trust is the heart of our business.