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Drive-in Racking System

Drive-In Racking System

Suitable for one sort of goods with large quantity, type of storage : same kind of goods store at same level. This system is serve as First-In, Last-Out (FILO) which means first storing goods will be last de-store and by this system need to prioritize and store the prior take-out goods at the front side for convenient and save time. This system has the limit in palletize the goods but on the other hand needs smaller passage way than the selective racking system so as to store more capacity suitable for consumer product manufacturer including the cold storage for warehouse leasing

Quality and Benefit :

  • Structure is designed to save the area from 40-60%
  • More efficient in storing for stock and unloading since the goods are stored differently on each level.
  • More strength Structure and can weigh heavier load.
  • Each level is adjustable to suit the goods storing.
  • Able to choose the Upright Structure made from GI Sheets which is weather resistance.