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Medium Duty Pallet

Medium Duty Pallets

It is suitable for all general industry, cost saving for storage, stackable, and racking load is up to 500kgs. Static load is up to 4500kgs, and Dynamic load is up to 1500kgs (depend on pallet model) . Cost saving for labor when transferring/ convenient to load in container.

Fork lift entry is designed to be chamfer, structural design is featured to be suitable for high static load, anti – slip rubber is optional. Pallets are resistant to low temperature (cold temp. is up to -25, depend on material).

Plastic Pallets : BS0812F

800x1,200x170 mm.

Plastic Pallets : CS1012

1,000x1,200x150 mm.

Plastic Pallets : AE1111LC

1,100x1,100x150 mm.

Plastic Pallets : CDA1012

1,000x1,200x150 mm.

Plastic Pallets : ES1012LCC

1,000x1,200x155 mm.

Plastic Pallets : AE1111LP

1,100x1,100x150 mm.

Plastic Pallets : CDB1012

1,000x1,200x150 mm.

Plastic Pallets : MW1012F

1,000x1,200x160 mm.