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Shuttle Racking

Shuttle Racking

Shuttle Racking is a new innovation of Semi-Auto Warehouse Management that can store up to 90% of the total area. With the usage of Shuttle Car that can be controlled by the remote unit. This process of taking cargoes in and out from the rack can be speedy and accurately with the position control system.

Property and Advantage :

  • Can store up to 90% of the total area
  • Can store with both Last In First Out (LIFO) and First In First Out (FIFO) system
  • Can reduce crashes between forklift and rack

1. Column
2. Foot Plate
3. Adjustable Foot Stand
4. Horizontal Bracing
5. Diagonal Bracing
6. Row Spacer
7. Supported Beam
8. Beam Bracket
9. Rail
10. Lateral Bracing
11. Post Guard
12. Forklift Stopper Plate
13. Shuttle Car
14. Remote Control